The man who is wearing yellow robe (黄法衣を纏った男)

Tuna Can (ツナ缶)

Something on his mind (苦悩する宰相)

Travler (さまよえる旅人)

Warrior (若い戦士)

Seek after beauty (美を求むる手)

In front of Mirror (鏡の前の女王)

Dress Up! (舞踏会の少女)

A treasure keeper (宝の番人)

The King loves it (愛鳥)

Snobbishness (きざな奴)

The Mask (面)

The lady looks outside (御簾の向こうに憧れる女)

Dancer (舞)

She comes into the world (生れ出づる刹那)

Prayer (祈祷師)

A Water Nymph (水の精)

Breakfast (朝食)

Cheer Leader(チア・リーダー)



Pink Fan(扇の女)

Red Hood(赤ずきん)


She hurries Home (家路を急ぐ)

King's bedroom(王の寝室)  

A Guard (衛兵)

In the Forest A ~wish (森の妖精A 希望)

In the Forest B ~friends (森の妖精B 芽生え)

In the Forest C ~farewell (森の妖精C 別れ)