Unseen Existence, Inherited Memories


Starting with a fear of the dark, we are all afraid of things that we cannot see, and things that we do not know.
 We don't know what is out there. Or if what is out there is a friendly presence, or something that can harm us. It could be a living creature that we have never seen before, or knowledge that we previously did not know. As people, we are deeply unsettled by phenomena that are unknown to us.
 What if the imaginary creatures that we see in our dreams when we are young actually arise from a sense of awe that we instinctively feel towards nature, be it darkness, the depths of the forest, or the bottom of a river? And what if we still carry that with us engraved into our very selves, only for something to remind us every now and then of the comfort and fear that we feel towards nature, but had almost forgotten?
 Were the traditions and mythologies of countries around the world a figment of our imaginations? No—though we are unable to see them in the modern age, they were once living things with which we co-existed, and were tied closely to our daily lives. This work portrays these unseen beings, through a collaboration of plants and artificial objects.

  暗闇をはじめ、人は見えないものへの恐怖・知らないものへの恐怖が常にある。何がいるのかわからない。良い存在なのか悪い存在なのか。 それは、見たことのない生き物だったり、知られていない知識であったり。人は知らない事象には、とてつもなく不安を感じる。

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*花の自然な色彩 ・ *人間により作り出された物質の人工的な色彩 ・ *生命を意味する赤と青の色彩構成を作り上げている。


美術評論家:ダニエル ソダノ
Noticing first with his work is as natural as the planet where a thing like the human being who changed exists.
On the other hand, in nature, a plant, and another side, the substance of industrial production is made to contrast and the aspect of diplomacy of modern society is shown to us.
* Natural color of a flower   Artificial color of the substance made by
* human being   Red and blue which mean
* life   Color composition is completed.
The origin of civilization and a human being stop fearing a natural phenomenon,
and make us recollect that we made it develop into the world of it not only destroying nature, but threatening all the life.
It is agitating he making us consider this human being's situation, and making the relation between us and nature reconsider over his photograph.  
Art Critic: Daniele Sodano