The Memoirs of BOFICCA  マルキニ回想録の世界

イタリアの名門モゼッティ家( Mosetti Family)が何代にも渡って蒐集した数々の美術・骨董品の数々。
その回想録にある BOFICCAの世界観を表現する作品を制作、
Italy's distinguished family, the Mosettis have collected a large number of art and antique items for many generations.
Among these, "The Memoirs of Marchini" is the most invaluable.
Inspired by the "Boficca Botanical Specimen Prints" inside these memoirs,
created art which revives our subconscious reverence for nature.
8世紀の著述家:アルベルト・マルキニ( Alberto Marchini)によって書かれた旅行記(いわゆるマルキニ回想録)の中に、
ボフィーカ 「 Boficcabəfikə)」 を訪れたという記述が残る。
The writer in the 8th century: ALBERTO MARUKINI,
In The Memoirs of Marchini, he wrote that he visited a place called Boficca (bəfikə).
In his memoirs, he writes on many accounts about the flora and people living in Boficca,
and it is thought to be a utopia where humans and nature live in harmony together.
However, there appear to be many differences between what he wrote and the world we live in,
so it is still up to debate whether Boficca only existed in his dreams, or if he went to a different world.
And if so, where it is and how he went there, we will never know.
Even now, we hear of legends and myths which may be associated with Boficca, but the mystery of its existence is yet to be solved.
An eye that asks how to relate to nature.   
ファブリジオ・プント( Fabrizio Punto)の作品。
The work of Fabrizio Punto,
who was influenced by Boficca’s worldview in the Marchini memoirs.
He has a great respect for A. Marchini,
so, He painted the desk in the study where A. Marchini wrote his memoirs. Therefore, it is also said known as ""desk where Marchini wrote his memoirs"